The Artillery 'Ouvrage' Schoenenbourg

The Artillery 'Ouvrage' Schoenenbourg :

Located on the right wing of the fortified area of Haguenau, the 'ouvrage' Schoenenbourg commanded all approaches from the north-east. In fact, in can be regarded as a pattern implementation of the mental image of a rather up-to-date achievement in those days.

Indeed, it gathers all the main features arising from the experience acquired during the battles at Verdun (1916 to 1918), namely :

These principles were implemented as follows :

Schoenenbourg, block 3 :

Schoenenbourg, block 4 :

Until 1941 no known weapon could destroy such armoured bunkers, which by the end of the battle in France, i.e. in mid June 1940, turned out to have been impregnable so far.

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