The Command Post

The Command Post:

The C.P. was the crucial point in the 'Ouvrage' and included command quarters for :

The artillery quarters were the most vital of the three and took up the largest part of the available space. In these premises, telephone operators were closely connected to the observatories located within the zone of action of the 'ouvrage'.

Once a target was spotted out by an observation post, its data was forwarded to the headquarters. On being informed, the Commandant of the artillery or infantry made up his mind and gave his orders to the officer in charge of the shooting. The latter, complying with the situation and his own possibilities, gave additional orders and appointed the Combat Block that was to implement the shooting, whose Commandant was then connected directly with the said observatory so as to hasten up further incoming information. The firing was eventually carried out within three minutes after the enemy's position had been located.

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