The Barracks

The Barracks :

The barracks used to accomodate both the men staying in the rear blocks and those from the Combat Blocks who were off duty. It housed 3 bunks for officers, 24 for non-commissioned officers and 144 bunks stacked three in height for the men.

It embodied the bunker's various facilities, including a disinfection bay for such men as were contaminated by poison gas, as well as first aid facilities, where a medical practitioner and two male-nurses were in attendance.

The 'ouvrage' could lodge all in all 20 officers, 60 non-commissioned officers, 550 corporals and men, which totals up 630 men at the very utmost. Yet, as there was sleeping accomodation at a time for only around 200 men, they were to sleep by three or four rotating shifts, viz. when one shift was sleeping the other two or three were up and about, looking after their respective tasks. On waking up the men hardly realized whether it was night or day time.

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